DITA Community Resources

Shared materials for the DITA community: Tookit plugins, sample files, etc.

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The DITA Community Github organization serves the DITA community by providing a place for things like Open Toolkit plugins, sample content, or other utilities that don't have a better home. See the main Github DITA Community page for the list of projects. Each project should have a readme file and may have its own project Web page or wiki.

If you would like to contribute a project to the DITA Community activity, contact any of the people listed as owners of the DITA Community Github organization.

The DITA Community projects are mostly DITA Open Toolkit plugins of various sorts. Some of the more interesting include:

Related or interesting projects projects include:

DITA Open Toolkit
DITA For Publishers
http://www.dita4publishers.org. Provides additional Publishing-specific vocabulary and Open Toolkit plugins for EPUB and HTML5.
https://doctales.atlassian.net Provides Open Toolkit plugins for terminology management, slides shows and other interesting things.
OxygenXML on GitHub
https://github.com/oxygenxml. Provides a number of useful plugins, including a plugin to add "edit" links to HTML and PDF for enabling editing of DITA source from published versions using Oxygen's Web editor.